About Premium Personal Laser

Premium Personal Laser is located in the heart of East Gwillimbury.

Our location makes it convenient for those seeking discreet personal care laser & beauty services in East Gwillimbury, Newmarket, Holland Landing, Aurora, Bradford, Keswick, Queensville, Mount Albert, Tottenham, Schomberg, Richmond Hill. Innisfil, Sutton, Jacksons Point and other surrounding communities.


We Deliver Long-Lasting Results with SharpLight Advanced Technologies.

We’re not just passionate about looking our best and feeling our best - we’re also passionate about SharpLight, the advanced technology we use at our non-invasive laser & beauty spa. Why did we choose SharpLight? For these 3 reasons:

  1. We’ve used it ourselves & know first-hand it delivers results. We’ve personally tried many laser machines and companies on the market for laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and body contouring. Amanda had a terrible experience with other laser technology causing extremely painful rashes that burn and itch post treatment. She was introduced to SharpLight in 2016 and was amazed by the entire process - from the treatment being completely pain free, to the -8 cooling tip freezing the area before zapping the hair follicle, to the instant results with her hair reduction. She had full results by the 6th treatment and no return hair growth at all. Amanda also had melasma on her face and having already had fabulous long-lasting results with SharpLight for getting rid of unwanted hair, she underwent skin rejuvenation treatment using a SharpLight laser to treat this skin condition. The results did not disappoint! Her melasma fully cleared up and she experienced healthier, younger-looking, and glowing skin. After having no success and spending thousands of dollars are other alternatives to body contouring, Amanda, Jessica, and Kiersten were all introduced to body contouring from a SharpLight laser system. They found that this treatment delivered better results with less pain, in less time and with fewer treatments, and for a fraction of the cost.
  2. Their technology is advanced for all treatments. Treatments are personalized, precise and therefore more effective. They deliver noticeable results in less time and long-lasting results overall…and they are pain free too!
  3. SharpLight lives & breathes the medical aesthetic industry. They have 20+ years’ experience and 100+ million treatments administered. Their goal is to create solutions to ensure that the most advanced treatments are made available in the global med-aesthetics industry. Currently they have 5,000+ partners in 60+ countries world-wide.

Premium Personal Laser Treatment Room with a bed and SharpLight Technology

We Deliver Long-Lasting Results with ProCell Therapies Technology.

Ensuring that our clients look their best and feel their best means that the technology we use needs to be top of the line. We use ProCell Therapies’ microchanneling technology for these 2 reasons:

  1. It was designed by a Dermatologist - Dr. Mitchell Schwartz, and takes a ‘less is more’ approach to collagen stimulation and producing healthy skin. 
  2. It is less abrasive than other microneedling technologies, which means our clients benefit from quicker healing time and less downtime. 

Amanda and Jess holding the ProCell Therapies Technology they use for Microchanneling at Premium Personal Laser


We believe in our team and our technology, and we’re excited to be sharing our passion and expertise with our community.

If you’re ready to look your best and feel you’re best, we’d love to hear from you - Book your appointment today!